Boats on Moorings

Small yachts, up to around 28 feet are kept on swinging moorings located on the beach in front of the club. Although right in the mouth of the Humber the moorings are protected by a sand bank locally known as the “Whale Back”. Craft dry out at low water so need to be able to take the ground (Bilge or lifting keel). It is possible to access the Humber approximately 2 hours either side of high water. During the winter months boats are stored in the clubs’ secure compound.

The club has its own gantry and a number of tractors which are used to lift the boats in and out of the water at the beginning and end of the season. Boats which are wintered at the club will need a launch trailer to get them up and down the beach. 

HMYC is very much a “self help” kind of club. Owners of boats on moorings are expected to help with lifting boats in and out as well as maintaining the moorings and laying channel markers before the season starts.

At HMYC members buy their moorings from the club and are then expected to maintain them throughout their membership. This makes small yacht ownership very cost effective with a one off payment of around £500 (2016 prices) for the mooring and then standard annual membership subscriptions from then on. 

For more details please contact Rear Commodore (Cruisers). See contacts page for details.